JYAA is proud to provide volleyball in the Fall.

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Volleyball Commissioners

Andy Rayburn
Phone: (614) 707-3551
E-mail: volleyball@jyaa.org

Questions, comments and concerns about this program please contact the commissioner first

Then contact the board members in the following order:

Board Member: Monica Gernert
Phone: (614) 589-0200
E-mail: monica.gernert@jyaa.org

Executive Board Member: Being Reassigned
Phone: (000) 000-0000
E-mail: board@jyaa.org

Volleyball Documents

JYAA Code of Conduct



No profane language
No alcohol
No pets
No smoking except in gravel parking areas
PLEASE park only in designated areas – not on the grass
Dispose of all trash in provided receptacles
Do not damage or deface any park property