JYAA Registrations

ALL Sports are using the Blue Sombrero Registration System Provided For Free from Dick's Sporting Goods

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Please ensure that you sign up your child within the specified sign up period for each sporting season. The JYAA receives a lot of calls after the sign up period has closed, asking if we will still accept sign ups and most often the answer is “No”.

There are several reasons why we are enforcing the cut-off dates of sign-ups; most notably because we have to file paperwork with the various leagues we participate in soon after the sign up period closes and we cannot continue to change that information with the leagues. Additionally, we have to establish coaches, order uniforms and set schedules after the sign up period ends so that we can start the season.

One result of continuing to allow participants to trickle in after the cut-off is that teams get overloaded to the point where so many have trickled in after the period ended that we could have established an additional team but also are past the point to redo rosters. This makes it more difficult for the kids to get sufficient playing time and hurts the whole team.

We suggest that parents sign up as soon as possible in the sign up period, and ensure that they receive a confirmation of the sign-up when it is completed. Additionally, if you have the funds to sign up immediately after the sign ups begin, please do so. If you need to budget for the payment, please do not wait any longer than you have to so that something else does not come up where you might miss the deadline. You should never wait until the last day sign-ups are open, but if you do and have any trouble completing the process you should start making phone calls to ensure that we can get you signed up before the sign up period ends. We normally leave the sign up period open for four to six weeks do not expect many calls on the last day with difficulties.

We appreciate your help in ensuring that we can get everyone signed up during the sign up period so that no one has to be turned away. We will do our best to continue to get flyers out to the schools for sign ups, posting the dates on our facebook page, putting up signs around town and having the dates published in the Johnstown paper, but need your help too. Please keep in mind that Spring and Summer sports typically open in February, Fall sports in June and Winter sports in October.

JYAA Board