JYAA Flag and Tackle Football Information:

We are very Proud to be the First Fully Heads Up compliant league in Licking County!!

Our Tackle football league divisions are based on grade first and the age.

Mini's division is 1st and 2nd grade age not to exceed 9 as of August 1.

Junior division is 3rd and 4th grade age not to exceed 11 as of August 1.

Seniors division is 5th & 6th grade age not to exceed 13 as of August 1.

NFL Flag Football is offered in 2 Divisions and We need Coaches for the 2017 Season.Please contact the commisiner if interested

Ages 5-6 year old by August 1st

Ages 7-8 year old by August 1st

2016 was the first year of Flag Football for JYAA and we had a great season playing in a league with Grandview Heights

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Football Commissioner

James Gardner
Phone: (740) 249-8773
E-mail: football@jyaa.org

Questions, comments and concerns about this program please contact the commisioner first

If needed then contact the board members in the following order:

Board Member: Joe Robertson
Phone: (614) 309-9190
E-mail: joey.robertson@jyaa.org

Executive Board Member: Jeremy Davis
Phone: (740) 817-2627
E-mail: jeremy.davis@jyaa.org


Football Documents

Licking County Youth Football League

Licking County League Youth Football Rules

JYAA Code of Conduct



No profane language
No alcohol
No pets
No smoking except in gravel parking areas
PLEASE park only in designated areas – not on the grass
Dispose of all trash in provided receptacles
Do not damage or deface any park property