A little about JYAA

The Belt Field facility covers over 32 acres and is privately owned by the Johnstown Youth Athletic Association. The park is not in the city limits of Johnstown, we do not receive any tax dollars to maintain the park or run the sports programs. The youth league is a not for profit organization and all proceeds from fundraisers and participation fees go into purchasing equipment and maintaining the facility.

The JYAA has been a part of the Johnstown Community for over 30 years starting with baseball and softball programs and has added football, basketball, cheerleading, and soccer over the years. This youth league program has experienced a steady growth of about 10%-12% a year over the last five years and our fall sports programs are now the largest. With over 400 participants in the, football, soccer and cheerleading programs, the fall sports are a very busy time of the year.


Thank you to our sponsors and volunteers

JYAA would like to thank both the Mary E. Babcock Foundation and the Chambers Foundation for their generosity in supporting our organization. We would also like to thank all of our sponsors that have helped through out the different seasons, with your sponsorship JYAA continues to be successful. We would also like to thank all the volunteers who have spent countless hours in building the wonderful facility we have today and for the coaches and parent volunteers without whom our sports program wouldn't be possible.


How to become a JYAA sponsor

To become a JYAA sponsor please reach out to one of the sports commissioners or e-mail information@jyaa.org.