JYAA Softball Information:

We are proud to offer JYAA Softball in the following divisions:

8U(Machine Pitch), 10U(Kid/Coach Pitch), 12U(Kid Pitch), 14U

JYAA Softball participates in the COGFP (Central Ohio Girls Fast Pitch League) and will be playing teams from multiple surrounding communities including Centerburg, Northridge, Utica, Newark, Licking Valley and St. Louisville.

Determination on which age division to place your child is their age as of January 1st.

THE SIGN-UP DEADLINE FOR 8U 10U 12U IS FEBUARY 28th, 2019. Practices will begin no later than April 1st and games will begin May 1st. An end of season tournament thru the COGFP for each age division will also take place.

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14U Girls Softball will again be offered in JYAA this year. Games will begin May 30 with the season ending by July 31st. To maintain O.H.S.A.A eligibility requirements, there are no restrictions during that time period that limit girls participation that currently play team sports at the Middle or High School level. 12, 13 and 14 year olds as of Jan 1st are eligible to play. The season will end with a 14U Division Tournament.

Sign- ups for 14U will not be completed using the current "Blue Sombrero," web based program. Sign- ups for 14U can be sent in using the 14U sign up form, located on the Link below. Please include a check for 95.00 with your sign up form and mail to the address provided on the form. Please contact the Softball Commissioner with any questions.

The sign-up deadline for 14U is March 1, 2019.

14U Sign UP


Softball Commissioner

Jade Lyons
Phone: (614)353-5655
E-mail: jade.lyons@jyaa.org

Questions, comments and concerns about this program please contact the commissioner first

If needed then contact the board members in the following order:

Board Member: Chad Harrison
Phone: (740) 967-2271
E-mail: chad.harrison@jyaa.org

Executive Board Member: Joe Robertson
Phone: (614) 309-9190
E-mail: joey.robertson@jyaa.org


Softball Documents

JYAA Softball Facts Sheet

JYAA Code of Conduct



No profane language
No alcohol
No pets
No smoking except in gravel parking areas
PLEASE park only in designated areas – not on the grass
Dispose of all trash in provided receptacles
Do not damage or deface any park property