JYAA is proud to provide the game of soccer to kids from ages 4 - 11 and for the Strikers grades 6 thru 8.



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Soccer Commissioners

Youth Soccer Daryl Wernette Phone (217) 721-0802

Strikers Soccer Brian Howard Phone: (815) 999-9314

Questions, comments and concerns about this program please contact the commisioner first

If needed contact the board members in the following order:

Board Member: Brad Orr
Phone: (740) 817-2078

Executive Board Member: Dana Steffan
Phone: (614) 783-5905




Soccer Documents

JYAA Soccer handbook

JYAA Soccer Fact Sheet

JYAA Strikers Fact Sheet

JYAA Code of Conduct



No profane language
No alcohol
No pets
No smoking except in gravel parking areas
PLEASE park only in designated areas – not on the grass
Dispose of all trash in provided receptacles
Do not damage or deface any park property